Garden Art From "Junk"...

The results are in!
Wow! Did we ever get a response from the June Newsletter. You are a creative bunch out there! We were overwhelmed with the terrific things you sent in for others to see.
Creativity breeds creativity, so dig in and have fun!

PLEASE, due to the volume of pics, zip files, and other methods of sending pictures, it has
been a major task to keep things straight. Also... this month's newsletter is dedicated to
"Garden" Art and, although we received about 75 pictures with beautiful creations which easily
fit inside a home, they just weren't "Garden" oriented.. So...if you sent in photos and don't see
them here, please understand why. If I have goofed with a name, or any other information,
forgive me! And send me the needed correction right away so I can fix it.

The newsletters go onto the main website which is viewed by thousands daily,
so let me make it right, okay?

No yelling at me! Please??? ~big grin~
Happy Creating!

Now, here are the goodies you sent! The creativity is incredible! Someone does one thing and
someone else does it with a twist and it snowballs. Sure wish I had more time to try some of these!

We could have gone several pages with all the things sent in, but tried to keep this down to size.
If you dumpster dive, please be careful! And if you scour the neighborhood on trash night, smile as you pick
through the trash! They will make assumptions concerning your stability, but that is half the fun! ~snicker~

Wish I could have put all the things sent on here! But what is here should give you many ideas to start
projects of your own. Recycling is not just a fun way to decorate, but a neat way to help the environment!

Most of the images can be "clicked on" to enlarge them.
Please remember, they are large images and will take
a few seconds to load. Enjoy!

This charming fountain is made from a pile of old PVC pipe with concrete cabbage leaves.Closer view to the right!

Thank you Pat!

Rusty wheelbarrow, a neat garden addition. And check out the whitewashed headboard with the birdhouses! Cute project for any garden. And it's made from "junk"!    Courtesy of Dana!

A bench from old,
throw away boards!

Thanks Dana!

Balls and more balls! Pretty and fun!

Thank you Deborah!

Turquoise half marbles make this
bowling ball a stunner!

More from Deborah!

Brass chimes.

Blue CD suncatcher.

Dangly with mirror beads.

Aren't these fun? Love the creative ideas here!

I was shown some neat gazebos made with the big satellite dishes for tops. Did not get definite
permission to publish those but let your imagination have fun with that idea too!

  Here's a neat pot, filling slowly with a trailing Vinca.
Courtesy of NJCher!

Click here for instructions.

Very clever! I love this!

A garden bench made with a junk shop find, a single metal headboard. She used leftover cedar fence boards for the body, and painted and stenciled on them.
Thank you Cindy!

These four are from Cindy.

"Here is a trellis I made from an old shelf unit my neighbor was tossing, the other part of the shelf made it into my kitchen and is a pot rack, I put a small piece of decorative fencing on the top to dress it up".    Nice job Cindy!


Hypertufa Garden Gal!

Hypertufa is a combination of Portland cement, perlite, and peatmoss. Easy to mold!

A Tiki, made from a party store mold with hypertufa. This is really fun! Get creative and go junk hunting!

Thanks Cindy!

Deborah made this bedframe trellis! Great for any climbing vines! She received rave reviews on this one!

Eileen's Dangler

Looks like feathers to me! It's paint!
Beautiful Eileen!

Blue Dangler

Teacup Art!

Bird Feeder? Hmmm...
Click here for instructions!

I envy the time all of you have to make
these terrific things!


Eileen's glass block lights!
Eileen Herron, a very creative lady!

Click here for instructions!

These are made for inside, but could easily be garden lights! Picture them on either side of your entryway!


Beautiful and fun!

Eileen's Danglers

Eileen's Bowling Balls!



Here is my contribution. I wanted a flagpole. So I took a fence post, stained it with marine varnish,
added the flag holder and some plant hangers and voilà, a different kind of flagpole!
PS. The lantern holds a candle and turns to reveal several colors.

If I am stressed out, my hubby knows by the color what mood I'm in! ~grin~


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